Proton Pack Dry Transfers

New and improved for 2024!

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Purchase a Proton Pack Label Set and our Proton Pack Dry Transfers together, and save £5.00!
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This is a complete set of full-size professional quality dry rub transfers designed to provide the finishing touch to your Proton Pack builds or upgrades. This new updated set features improved graphics for better accuracy and now includes Nycoil and Clippard decals for your pack tubing, as well as bonus markings for replica resin or 3D printed resistiors.

Unlike waterslide decals or regular stickers, our dry transfers feature incredibly crisp graphics that have no visible or raised edges - allowing you to achieve that perfect printed-on look for your prop replicas. Plus, they require no special tools or materials to apply - simply hold in place with clear tape and burnish the decal with the tip of a pencil. We also include spares for most decals to accommodate for mistakes!

Each graphic has been carefully recreated using reference photos of the original screen-used props to ensure their accuracy in both colour and dimension. Each set contains the following decals:

—  Bargraph strength indicator
—  Top dial numerics
—  Top dial positional arrow
—  Side circuit diagram
—  'INTENSIFY' and 'ACTIVATE' trigger box labels
—  Front panel toggle switch icons (includes Super Hero variation)
—  Clippard logo and numbering for green tubing

—  N-Filter circuit diagram
—  Nycoil text marking for yellow ion arm tubing
—  Clippard logo and numbering for blue or red tubing
—  Markings for replica Dale PH-25, Dale RH-50 and Pacific resistors