Manuals and assembly guides

Below you will find all the user guides and information sheets for your EctoLabs products. For products that have more than one version of a guide available, be sure to download the version that is closest to the date you purchased that item, as there are sometimes changes to installation or assembly introduced over different runs.
 CATHMAX (1 & 2)
 Leg Hose & Connector Set
  1.4 MB
 GB1/Afterlife Belt Gizmo Kit
  295 MB
 GIZMO 8920
 GB2 Belt Gizmo Kit
  192 MB
 GIZMO 8410
 GB1 Belt Gizmo Kit
  206 MB
 GIZMO 8910
 GB2 Belt Gizmo Kit
  179 MB
 GB1 & GB2 Leather Gizmo Holsters
  2.1 MB
 Dry Transfer Decal Set
  19 MB
 Vinyl Label Set
  66 MB

Other Files

3D print file for a replacement leg hose belt stud
NeoPixel mount for Charlesworth Dynamics Ghost Trap kit