The ultimate GB1/Afterlife belt gizmo and daughterboard kit

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Buy a GIZMO 808D Kit with a matching GB1 Gizmo Holster, and save £9!
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Our flagship product just got even better! Introducing the GIZMO 808D... the ultimate 'belt gizmo' kit for your Ghostbusters uniform. This new version refines and improves upon our previous kits in almost every way. Taking centre stage is the beautiful vintage-style brown circuitboard - a fully functional real PCB featuring all the amazing multicolour lighting effects you've come to expect from an EctoLabs gizmo!

All this is powered by brand new electronics designed to closely replicate the look of the circuitry on the original Sanyo calculators, all whilst maintaining the same functionality and attention to detail of our previous kits.

What's more, we are now offering a choice of detachable daughterboard style: our GB1 version - an approximation of the yellow boards worn in the first movie; and the new Afterlife style - a recreation of those worn by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson in Ghostbusters: Afterlife!

Finished off with a carefully selected array of real resistors, capacitors, chips and transistors, we are confident this is the greatest Sanyo ICC-808D replica kit ever produced!

Whilst we recommend using a soldering iron to assemble the kit, a 'non-solder' option is available for those unable to do so. In this case, all the working electronics needed for the lighting effects will come pre-assembled, leaving all other non-functioning components to be attached using a glue gun.

Upgrades across the board.

The GIZMO 808D represents improvements in almost every area compared to our previous 84 style kits. Most 3D printed elements have been replaced and upgraded - including the custom made 'nixie shelf' which is now crafted from a single piece of lightweight aluminium which can easily be painted or left as it is depending on your preference. Along with the new vintage style brown circuitboards, even more fine details of the original Sanyo calculators have been preserved. We include a full set of accurate components as well as fully finished replicas made exclusively for this kit - each one hand-set with their own accurate numbers and markings.

Light 'em up!

Also included in the kit is a set of eight glass soviet-era VFD tubes sourced from Ukraine - a good visual replacement for the rare GDT Nixie tubes used by Sanyo. These are augmented with nine super bright multicolor LEDs - connect a 9V battery to the included power cable and you can adjust the pre-programmed light patterns and colours with a quick flick of the integrated toggle switch and buttons on the top of the unit.

Leather holster also available.

Complete your kit with a screen-accurate leather holster - designed to fit your Gizmo like a glove! Available in GB1 and GB2 styles, these holsters are made from heavyweight veg-tan leather and set with brass snaps and rivets. Plus, order your Gizmo kit with a matching holster, and you will receive £9 off the combined price!

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