Leather GIZMO Holster

GB1 style (updated version)

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Are you the proud owner of an all-singing, all-dancing Belt Gizmo but have no way of attaching it to your belt? Then rejoice! This screen-accurate GB1 Belt Gizmo holster is handcrafted from premium 2.5mm thick veg & pit tanned leather, and set with silver coated brass rivets and snaps. Also includes a specially designed 9V battery clip with Velcro strip to help power your Gizmo unit.

This updated version of the holster features a slighly slimmer front band and smooth-style snap stud for added accuracy.

If you are looking for a holster to match the GIZMO 8900 or 8910, a GB2-style variation can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: Gizmo replica, pistol belt and battery are not included.

The perfect fit.

Our GB1-style holster is styled after the modified tape measure holders used during early location shoots of the first movie. Numerous reference photos and screen-grabs have been carefully studied to make it as close to the original design as possible. Vertical slots with a height of 65mm can accommodate standard 55mm pistol belts. Pair this with a Sanyo 808D circuitboard replica for the most accurate GB1 look.

Universal appeal.

Although the holster is designed with our GIZMO 8400 and 8410 kits in mind, it will also be compatible with any other Gizmo motherboards with a width of up to 10cm (3.9"). We also include a heavy-duty Velcro to help keep your Gizmo secure.

Battery be gone!

For Gizmo kits operated by a 9V battery, keeping it out of sight during operation can often be a problem. That's why we include a specially designed clip to secure and conceal the battery and its connecting cable on the rear of the holster. The accompanying Velcro strip allows you to place it anywhere you like for maximum stealth while it is attached to your belt.