Wrist Thrower Light and Sound Kit

A complete plug & play electronics kit for your GB:FE Wrist Thrower build

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Presenting our brand new light and sound kit - the very first dedicated electronics system designed especially for the Wrist Thrower (aka Compact Thrower / Wrist Blaster) from Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

This kit is 100% plug and play with easy connectors for everything, meaning there is no soldering or electronics experience required. Simply connect a 3.7V LiPoly or LiIon battery (not included) and you have everything you need to make your thrower look and sound awesome!

Unlike existing wand electronics kits intended for the proton pack, our Wrist Thrower kit has been designed to be as compact as possible. Despite the small size, we haven't compromised on features...

At just 55mm x 49mm, the main board fits easily inside any scratch built or 3D printed thrower body and includes a 3W amplifier and sound module featuring brand new sounds created using the Frozen Empire movie audio track. Coupled with the included 4ohm speaker, the sound effects from your thrower will be surprisingly loud.

For lighting, we include a full set of super bright LEDs, one of our very own 28-segment bargraph displays and a mini cyclotron board featuring two lights with accurate animation. Plus, we have custom designed a blindingly bright barrel light that slides directly inside any 22mm (inner diameter) tube, creating a look that closely resembles that used on the original movie prop.

What's more, we have included a connector for adding a rumble motor to your setup. Simply enable in settings and you will not only see and hear your Thrower in action - you will feel it as well!

PLEASE NOTE: This kit comprises electronics only - Wrist Thrower prop not included. Requires one 3.7V Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery with JST-PH connector for operation. Please see our BATTERY GUIDE for full information, recommendations and purchase links.

The thrower that talks back!

Our light and sound kits feature a number of customisable options to setup your prop just the way YOU like it. Simply enter the settings mode and adjust the bargraph animation, volume level, firing mode and vibration with the flick of a switch and press of a button... all guided by our Winston-like voice guide!

Quick charge with ease

Every kit includes a mini battery charging board that will sit comfortably inside your Wrist Thrower's fuse box. Simply remove the box's cover plate and you'll get quick access to a USB-C port that you can use to recharge your battery without ever having to remove it from your prop.

Enhanced 3D print files available

While our electronics kits are compatible with any scratch build, we have released our own .stl files which we used to make our very own deluxe Wrist Thrower. These have been designed specifically for our light and sound kit in mind and include enhancements for fitting the hidden power switch, bargraph, cyclotron lights and speaker.

You can download the files from our GitHub page at: github.com/EctoLabs/wrist-thrower