The definitive screen accurate GB1 key fob set

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Developed in collaboration with The Suffolk Ghostbusters, KEYMASTER 84 is a full set of GB1-style leather key fobs designed to be the most screen-accurate ever produced.

We have closely analysed reference photos and stills, and even incorporated 3D modelling techniques, to replicate their every detail and dimension. Each fob is individually handcrafted using premium 6oz veg tan leather and comes complete with heavy duty nickel plated hardware that has been closely matched to the originals. Plus, for added authenticity, each strap is set with genuine branded DOT fasteners - as confirmed to be used on other screen-used Ghostbusters props.

Each KEYMASTER 84 set contains the following pieces:
  • The Big D — A one inch black strap featuring a single fully cast D-ring. Each set contains TWO Big Ds.
  • The O Snap — A 3/4 inch black strap with a welded O-ring and square-eyed lobster clasp. This is normally combined with a Big D to create a larger two-part fob.
  • The Gold Leaf — A recreation of the unique dual-colour leaf shaped fob using custom saddle tan leather with black top grain. This fob includes a square-eyed lobster clasp and an additional removable O-ring.

Recreating the Reference

The scores of existing reference photos and screen-grabs from the original movie formed the basis of our analysis into the recreation of this set of key fobs. As we wanted them to be as close as possible to those found on the belts of the original Ghostbusters, every minute detail was discussed at length - from the width and shape of the leather straps to the thickness and proportion of the O and D-rings.

Designed in 3-Dimensions

To achieve truly accurate dimensions and proportions, we employed the help of 3D modelling technology to provide us with the correct size, shape and diameter of the hardware used on each fob. We are working with global hardware suppliers to make sure these are very best GB1 fobs available anywhere in the world!

Consistency is Key

Just like all EctoLabs products, the KEYMASTER 84 fobs are carefully handcrafted. However, we have used custom die cutting to ensure that every piece of leather is consistent in their construction with no uneven egdes or asymmetrical curves.