Leg hose and connector (complete set)

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CATHMAX is our name for EctoLabs' unique Leg Hose and Connector accessory for flight suits. This system comprises a quick-release magnetic hose assembly and interchangeable connector bodies that can be attached and re-attached to your flight suit with a washable, heat and chemical resistant twist-lock plate.

As the connector is easily removed, your flight suit can be hand or machine washed without risk of damage to the connector itself. This also means you can mix and match styles to suit. We have also designed a special belt peg that secures the hose to the inside of your belt for a clean and screen-accurate look.

Each connector is made from durable plastic and individually hand-painted to a special smooth and durable finish. We now offer connectors in our new textured 'Midway Grey' finish - the perfect balance between tan and grey, suitable for both Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters 2 uniforms.

Hoses are available in either 'Yellow Snow' (GB1 style) or 'Crystal Head Clear' (GB2 style), are approximately 4 ft (122cm) in length and have an outer diameter of ½ inch (13mm).

Banish the slime with ease.

Each connector includes a specially designed twist-lock plate that can be sewed directly to your flight suit. This makes the connector instantly detachable and your suit easily washable. CATHMAX 2 improves on the previous version by making the plate heat, chemical (and slime) resistant, so you can now machine wash your suit with the plate attached up to 60℃ (140℉).

Don't get caught.

Each connector contains a strong neodymium magnet that attaches securely to the steel cap end of the hose assembly with a satisfying click. 2.5kg of pull keeps the hose in place whilst being easily to remove with a firm tug. This quick release feature also helps prevent any damage or injury if the hose gets caught or tugged accidentally while you are wearing it.

Have it your way.

You can now build the color combination to suit your preference as hose and connector styles can be mixed and matched when ordering a complete set, or purchased as separate items. All connectors now also come with an added black zip tie to resemble those used in the first movie, although these are purely cosmetic and completely removable. Plus, tie extra threads to the outer holes for that sewn-on look (even when using the twist lock system) or simply sew directly to your suit for maximum accuracy.

No loose ends.

The opposite end of the hose includes a specially designed stud and washer to attach it to a hole in your pistol belt. When used on the inside of the belt, you can achieve a screen-accurate look as the hose disappears seamlessly under the belt while staying firmly in place. Alternatively, you can remove the stud and washer completely and use the split ring with a leather fob.