USB Power Cable

for Hasbro 'Haslab' Proton Pack

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This cable will enable you to power your Haslab Proton Pack using a 5V rechargeable power bank instead of D-Cell batteries.

This will work with any power bank outputting a steady 5 volts. Simply unplug the yellow connector (labelled BAT1) from your pack's main board and replace with this new cable.

We recommend using the USB output on a TalentCell 12V/5V 3000mAh battery - this can provide a long lasting charge and a reliable 5 volts of power. This could also be used to power 12V light and sound kits should you wish to upgrade your pack electronics at a later date.

Cables are approximately 1m (3.2ft) in length and custom made by EctoLabs. Each one is fully tested before shipping.

Please note: do not use this cable with any batteries outputting more that 5V - doing so will permanantly damage your pack! Any modifications to your pack and the use of this cable are done so at your own risk. Power bank/battery not included.